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Extremely powerful email search tool

Our search tool eliminates hours of time in email-discovery. It allows you to search every single email from multiple email accounts, no matter who sent or who received it as well as looking the conversations and interactions.

Our ADVANCED SEARCH option: Find and retrieve past emails, attachments and files, quickly and easily using advanced search and restore features. Automatically indexes every message, attachment and file before it is saved. This means users can easily find and retrieve lost or deleted emails and faxes again. Users can build complex search rules based on date, sender, recipient and other keywords. Once a search is defined, the user can save the search criteria for easy reference at a later date, similar to Outlook search folders.

Case Status from Open to Close within no time

Intelligent routing rules access text within emails and assigns to the right agent with the appropriate expertise—increasing agent efficiency. Agents can view the complete mail conversation in a single location and can add internal notes and attachments which help to analyze the case in detailed level. With this, case can be easily tracked and a quick decision can be taken whether to close the case or not without waiting for the external resources.

Assign to the right agent

Manage email accounts

Manage email accounts and Processes easily

Administrator can easily add multiple email accounts of type POP3 or IMAP from which the emails need to be received. Our tool gets the mails in real time from the configured mail accounts and shows instantly to the end users. This process is completely asynchronous handling multiple email accounts to receive thousands of mails simultaneously. With a single click, user can disable the option for not to receive the mails at any instance. Administrator can choose the actions that an agent can perform on each of these individual accounts including case reply, re-assign a case, transfer a case etc.,. Grouping of email accounts is also possible if agents want to view multiple email accounts under a single label.

Prioritize your Emails with color codes

Manager can assign priority for the Emails received from different clients and provide color codes for the same. This will help customer support representative easily to identify the critical and high priority cases and can start working on them immediately.

Mailraq email ticketing system

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive Dashboards

MailRAQ allows end users to access analyze and manage the information they need.Easily combines a collection of interactive reports and charts onto a single screen all from within your application. You can choose from variety of inbuilt reports or can have customized reports as per your requirement. Various reporting filters are available to further drill down to know the exact statistics. Few of the inbuilt reports are

  • Case statistics by User
  • Case close ratio
  • SLA reports
  • Case turnaround time by user
  • Cases by root cause
  • Case iteration by user

An Intelligent case assignment and instant alerts

The Case Assignment plays a pivotal role in managing case loads, reporting agency activity and determining who is currently managing a specific client/customer. Our tool will automatically notify and assign new cases to the appropriate agents or executives, escalates time-sensitive ones & identifies high priority customers. Cases can be assigned to individual agents either manually or automatically in Round Robin fashion. Multiple cases along with their case histories can be assigned or re-assigned to the right agents with a single click.

Tool is integrated with instant alert service by which end users can get real time notifications at each stage.

Unassigned Case Alerts: The reporting managers can get alerts for the cases which are not yet assigned to any of the agents.
No Activity Alerts: Automatic notifications to managers, if there is no activity on a case for a specified number of days or hours.
Escalation Alerts: Automatic escalation email alerts, to reporting managers for overdue cases and actions.
Fully Customizable Alerts: Create any other business rules to help to optimize your case management process and get alerts based on these rules.

case assignment alerts

Predefined email Templates

Predefined Templates

Email tool helps you to create predefined email templates which can be directly used in related conversations. This will reduce time consumption, verbal mistakes and incorrect spellings when sending an Email to clients.

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